Financial Support

Did the Holy Spirit ever speak to your heart to financially support our ministry? Did you know then how to obey his voice?

Were you at any point eager to know more about our goals, in order to financially endorse them, just to find out that you lack enough information on how to do that?

Do you want to give your tithes to an effective ministry where your offerings would be absolutely used in His glory but never knew where?

Are you informed that the Almighty God, who owns everything, gave his people the responsibility of funding his ministries and spreading his kingdom, that He blesses His people that they may serve Him with their money??

His purpose is also to bless you when you give. For that reason Jesus said Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over. (Luke 6:38).. The apostle Paul symbolized the offerings and gifts of believers to seeds. Do you desire to sow your seeds into God's ministry and reap abundantly both in God's harvest and in your personal life? For He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. (2 Corinthians 9:6)

If you have nodded your head to any of the former questions, then the following information is important for you:

1-                 Teaching about the importance of giving in the Holy Bible :

To read more articles about financial giving and its importance such as: The Law of Sowing and Reaping and Giving is The Road to Blessings click here

2-         What are the projects - whether current or future - that need God's sustaining hand in regards to finance:

A-)  A bigger building for the ministry:

Were praying to have our own new bigger place. Over the past years the number of attendees coming to our weekly meeting has increased to the extend that the place is bursting with people inside and outside the building. A need for our own wider place is becoming absolutely essential not only to accommodate the growing numbers but also to provide room for all the various activities of the ministry, whether current or in prospect. We believe God to sustain this need by His grace.

Meanwhile, we are in the stage of getting ready to acquire a new place as a head office and center for the ministry. This place will conduct the numerous growing activities of the ministry. At the moment we have several ministries: teaching courses, cell groups, ministry for children, Sunday school in addition to the praise, theater, audio and video teams who need to get together for rehearsals and prayers frequently. This new place will not by any means solve the problem of our weekly meeting; it will only serve as a center for certain activities that our ministry involves.

Pray with us for these projects and dreams: we believe that He who promised is faithful and able to accomplish the impossible, he is the God of the inconceivable. If it is within your capacity and if you truly feel that God is putting it on your heart to donate to this project, do not linger in doing that which God is asking of you. Whether little or much, God delights in sincere offerings no matter how small they are. Remember how Jesus highly regarded the two mites of the poor widow more than He did all the other offerings for she gave of her want!!! (Mark 12:4

B-)    Airing our programs on the satellite channels:

By the end of 2004, a new vision poked our hearts, namely airing on the satellite channels. It was actually a dream that was way beyond our abilities. At the time, we had no financial means, technical experience and no supporting associations. In spite of all that, God encouraged us to take a step of faith. We had no idea how he was going to do what he promised he would.

By the beginning of March 2005, we had our first satellite program on air as a bold testimony to the God of miracles, despite our helplessness and inability.

God provided most of the preliminary equipment such as the digital video cameras that enabled us to launch our meetings on the satellite. We still need more advanced equipment though, to facilitate and speed up the production of our programs with higher efficiency. Besides we are dreaming of having new chat programs for the youth and family which will definitely require more advanced equipment plus a private studio

We urge you to support us first by your prayers for we believe in the effectiveness and power of prayer, but you can also participate in God's work through your financial donations. When you do not give, God's work is hindered and that is why the apostle Paul urged every church he visited to give.

C-)   Other fields in the ministry that need support:

The former subjects are of foremost importance but we have many other fields for you to support:

        Maintenance and development of the equipment used in the ministry (example:  equipment for the audio, computers, light system..)

        Publications (books booklets.. letters.. )

        The evangelical services (revival meetings.. travel and outreach  )

        The expenses and maintenance of our current building.  

        The needs of the members of our body and the poor saints.

3-         Do you want to contact the financial committee?

For more information on the actual costs of the former projects and to better know how to offer your gifts to our ministry, please click here. 


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